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Before I met Astrid Fitzgerald I discovered her website. Since I am drawn to art which evokes in me an emotional response, seeing Astrid's works was especially compelling. As I went from page to page on her website, I was struck by the consistent, sophisticated beauty in each of her creations. Seeing her work in person confirmed this conviction. I learned that Ms Fitzgerald has sought for years to combine the elements of visionary art with a lifetime of spiritual and philosophical insight. Many of her pieces contain artistic equivalents of the "Golden Mean Ratio." By incorporating spiritual centeredness and an understanding of nano scale symmetry Astrid has linked her work with the artistic giants of the Renaissance. - Richard Hutchings, photographer

I love your work...I like the way you straddle geometric investigations and lyrical soft renderings. The immediate impact of a simple image soon draws you into a more contemplative reading reaching deeper levels. This is my initial reaction and need to study your work in more detail to discover other aspects as well. - Ernie Gerzabek, architect/artist

Your works are as inspiring as they are beautiful. I am a collector of Lindisfarne published books and actually own a copy of your book, ‘An Artist’s Book of Inspiration,’ so it is truly a pleasant surprise to receive a message from you. Your website will most certainly be mentioned in my lectures and presentations in the future as well. - Robert Armon, AIA

hi!! i think your artwork is absolutely amazing!! if i had money i would buy a piece, but alas, i am a poor art student...i happened upon your work searching for writings/images of the golden mean. i was wondering, did you create the image that is on the main page? or do you know where i can find other such images? many thanks! - nicholas

First I enjoyed your announcement card with such beautiful reproductions of your work, then I checked your website and enjoyed all those additional examples! It’s a terrific presentation of your paintings and philosophy. It’s so clear that your work has developed along a path with your philosophy......the golden mean and all its ramifications has been a solid underpinning to your abstract forms as they've evolved over time. - Dixie Peaslee, artist

I just discovered your website! What a treasure! Your article in Parabola Magazine many years ago introduced me to sacred geometry in art and it has been a marvelous journey ever since. Thank you! You and James Turrell are my two favorite contemporary artists. - Barry Mack, artist

I am writing you to ask permission to use a picture of Golden Section CLXXI - 1986. I am currently gathering a group of Danish business leaders to explore how meditation, dialogue, and leadership practice can meet to find inner essence, authenticity, and meaningfulness in the integration of spirit and worklife. The group of 20 business leaders will explore these questions, their own personal development, and development of their leadership during 12 month period - this gathering and exploration is part of a PhD research program that I am undertaking in Copenhagen, Denmark. I found that in my "wordy" project description and invitation to the participants, I need an illustration to convey the tone and spirit of the project - and I found that the Golden Section picture conveyed some of that quality. I therefore hope that you will allow me to use the picture with appropriate artist credits in the project description document. - Bjørn Uldall

i just finished perusing your is quite a journey! what a wonderfully realized and complete group of works...i like it very much. i also took the liberty of listening to the interview regarding your new book, and found it fascinating and inspiring. i am interested in reading more about your philosophies on art and life...thanks again for the opportunity! - jeffrey barron

Having just recently finished reading your book "Being Consciousness Bliss," and delved into the pages of "An Artist’s Book of Inspiration," I am inspired to meditate on many things. There is much I would like to ask you however, I will keep it short...I am a craftsman and maker of all kinds of furniture. What would be a good way to approach the creation of furniture as it relates to sacred geometry and the Golden Mean? Are there traditions of design that might help to open the way for a cabinetmaker who's main concern is to make utilitarian objects which are also beautiful? - Pablo Shopen

Just came across your truly beautiful, inspiring work on the internet and have to tell you how much I enjoy it. I am a 71-year-old man who paints mainly for pleasure, and am amazed at how similar our paintings are. Love those simple, clean forms/lines. And not too many colors. Am going to locate your book; it is probably as interesting as your really gorgeous graphic work. Thank you for the pleasure you have given all who see this work. - Jimbo Hill, painter

When searching the Internet for info on the Golden Mean...I found your wonderful site and work. Love most of what I see, but your Constructions are especially fascinating to me, as they have an architectural feel and as you will see later in the email, this also interests me. Also the labyrinth tiles. As a student of New Thought I am not surprised to see your interest in the Golden Mean as an organic foundation of all things fine and beautiful. I am a creative type who has recently taken up ceramic hand building and love this medium. My work has mostly been jug and urn like forms - shaped 4 sided vessels... Of course I want to generate proportion using the Golden Mean... Not sure why I am writing all this...but I find your work intriguing and stimulating, and expressive and encouraging at the same time, and your embracing of Spirit is such a bonus... You clearly are a wonderful way-shower, living proof that it can be done, and with Spirit! - Roy Prince - ceramic artist

You are a Renaissance artist, you combine the analytical with the holistic, few people know how to do that (as Pirsig correctly observed). - Karl Maenz, painter

When I saw your work, I stopped my search. It completely blew me away. Your work is terrific! You have taken many complex themes and merged them into a form that is both simple and poetic. Thank you. I hope I have the opportunity to experience your work in person someday. I am now 100% convinced that I want to learn encaustic painting. Since your work demonstrates a high degree of mastery, I thought I would ask if you have any suggestions on how I can get started... - Luther

Just to reinforce my previous comments, now so many years ago, about your artwork. It is just wonderful and so inventive, especially when it comes to designing the geometric ‘bones’ to the images, plus the pattern-making and the texture-making. So subtle, yet spectacular, restrained yet soaring, down to earth yet spiritually uplifting. - Ernie Gerzabeck, architect/artist

... this is the feeling I get when I look at your paintings. The cosmic, the eternal. It’s like looking at the mask of the Aztec Sun God. Like traveling through space at the speed of light. Transcendent. - C. Michael Wiswell, artist

Astrid Fitzgerald’s work is aesthetically and intellectually profound. Whenever I am in the presence of her visual work I feel a sense of peace & well-being similar to the feeling I can imagine having in Rothko's chapel. – Karen Skelton, artist, designer

I enjoyed viewing some of your latest abstract artwork, on your website, using the Golden Mean Proportion. I could perceive organic and spiritual rhythms in the patterns, and exploding color used in your art work. The various mediums expressed indeed illuminated a feeling of tranquility, in tune with Nature. Hope your creativity continues to unfold in new ways! – Deb Schug

You created an impressive body of innovative art, a great exploration of different materials and approaches. [referring to collages 2011] The innovation expands in so many interesting directions, from shape to color, from material to composition. You constantly test new limits with every aspect of your work. Your usage of shape and color to create tension within unison is amazing and captivating. – Ursula and Bob Garret-Waldmeyer

Thank you for your time, you were very helpful in your answers, and reading parts of your book gave me more than enough on your perspective and research. Studying you and your work has been interesting and inspirational. - Ryan Abrams, senior, Jewelry Metal/Art department, California College of the Arts.

I find your art extraordinary, full of beauty, geometry and peace. I read you interview at myartspace and went to your web pages, and I can say that I have rarely saw such interesting and stimulating art. With great appreciation. – Vlatko Ceric

I have just now seen your work for the first time and I became totally lost in their depth and meaning. Thank you for an exhilarating experience. – Donald Kolberg, artist