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Lindisfarne Books - 2002 - $24.00 - 384 Pages

Paperback - ISBN 0-9701097-8-4 


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Many people are looking for a deeper and richer spiritual life. They sense that there is more to their existence than the surface of life seems to offer, but they are confused and uncertain about where to look and how to begin.


Being Consciousness Bliss is a rich, profound, yet eminently accessible compendium of wisdom that will help orient people toward a spiritual search. 


Drawing on a dazzling array of sources, including the insights of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky and the spiritual traditions of the East, it gives a clear and compelling account of the true inner structure of the human being and how it may be developed to its full potential.


Clear, wise, and practical, Being Consciousness Bliss is a resource that will be used and treasured by both beginners and advanced spiritual practitioners for many years.


Part One discusses the current human condition -- the "sleep" of ordinary life -- and how a person may begin to wake up from it. 


Part Two offers a feast of excerpts from the Perennial Philosophy -- the great wisdom tradition that underlies all cultures and religions -- to feed and nurture the growth of the soul. 


Part Three provides simple ways to put these insights into practice in daily life. 


NAPRA Review 


This is a feast of a book, spread out like a banquet of the freshest foods, served wholesomely, and presented artfully. Starting from a premise that "the aim of human life is to know who we are -- to realize our Self, our true nature, and our identity with the Universal Self...," Fitzgerald's poetic and passionate prose awakens consciousness on a deep level. She helps us feel the Self, so we can begin to work with the Self. To complement her own inspired writing, she includes a section with words of wisdom from other sources, grouped by such intent as to examine suffering or to explore aspiration. In addition, there is a cornucopia of suggestions for practice, such as how to focus attention on a task, or how to listen to the sound of your own voice. Dotted with illustrations and charts to further clarify the text, this work is an invitation to a nourishing meal of self-awareness. - SJA - NAPRA ReView, May/June 2002.




Being Consciousness Bliss: A Seeker’s Guide is an original, thoughtful, and panoramic work of a finely intelligent and sensitive mind. Artist and writer Astrid Fitzgerald, the author of An Artist’s Book of Inspiration: A Collection of Thoughts on Art, Artists, and Creativity, is a student of Aldous Huxley’s Perennial Philosophy tradition, which posits that worldwide spiritual traditions across the ages share basic underlying doctrines. Fitzgerald has divided the book into three logical sections. The first and third contain Fitzgerald’s original writings and represent her broad knowledge of spiritual philosophy, while reflecting Huxley’s general philosophic blueprint. Her analysis (Part 1) and her valuable suggestions for practices (Part 3) sandwich the book’s substantial midsection, Part 2, which contains Fitzgerald’s distillation of the most deep, poignant quotes she’s encountered in her seeking in and reading through the most insightful of world writings. These writings, again, reflect what she posits in the Huxley tradition as partaking of the Perennial Philosophy. The quotes are arranged in a certain progression that illuminates our growing awareness as a species with a conscience, a species capable of questioning ourselves. Chapter 46 of Psalms follows Patanjali, who follows Hegel.


...customers will appreciate the book’s readability and accessible layout... A superb nine-page bibliography completes this learned, contemporary volume.


“Spiritual work is very subtle,” Fitzgerald writes. “It takes place in the mind and the emotions and shows its effects in our nature and character. ...Our being will speak for itself as we become more cheerful, loving, and tolerant.” The book is a find for spiritual seekers... Being Consciousness Bliss: A Seeker’s Guide is a substantial, timely work... - THOMAS PETER VON BAHR - NATIONAL REVIEW NETWORK - 2002




"In the great, leaky Ark in which we are somehow embarked and still somewhat safe, a few are thinking deeply about what we must do and what is truly worthwhile. Astrid Fitzgerald is among them. Here she shares her love of ancient truth and of practical effort toward awakening." - ROGER LIPSEY, AUTHOR OF AN ART OF OUR OWN: THE SPIRITUAL IN TWENTIETH CENTURY ART


"Astrid Fitzgerald has skillfully drawn together the perennial wisdom of the ages, recognizable in all spiritual traditions, with a clear, insightful explanation of practices leading to its fulfillment in everyday experience. This is an intelligent, inspired, yet eminently practical approach to living a life centered in truth and hallmarked by freedom, beauty, and harmony." - KATHARINE LE MEE, AUTHOR OF CHANT: THE ORIGINS, FORM, PRACTICE, AND HEALING POWER OF GREGORIAN CHANT


"This book is equal parts wisdom, beauty, and inspiration. Astrid Fitzgerald opens the insights of the ages for anyone to follow. Highly recommended." - LARRY DOSSEY, MD, AUTHOR OF HEALING BEYOND THE BODY, REINVENTING MEDICINE AND HEALING WORDS.


"Following Aldous Huxley, Astrid Fitzgerald's tireless pursuit of an inner path is sure to awaken the heart to bliss and rouse spirit to behold." - DAVID APPELBAUM, EDITOR PARABOLA magazine.


"Astrid Fitzgerald's Being Consciousness Bliss is a well-researched, clearly written account of the essential teachings given by all the major wisdom traditions, which all teach that we are one human family. In spite of our many superficial differences we have a common spiritual identity. I appreciate this author's approach. I hope this book will help readers understand the great Truth that essentially all people are one. If we understand this well, all the difficulties and disputes between individuals and nations that we see in the world today will be easily resolved." - SRI SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA, Founder/Spiritual Head: Integral Yoga International/Satchidananda - Yogaville. 


What readers say about BEING CONSCIOUSNESS BLISS


Astrid Fitzgerald's Being Consciousness Bliss, despite its modest subtitle, is more than a seeker's guide. Its three parts provide the description, the substance and the means of living the examined life. What I found the most helpful was Part Three of the book, the actual details and practices that are necessary to overcome the habits of a life lived without conscious attention. Here I found practical help in how to really change things, not offered as instruction but as example and clarification. I found it possible to follow the suggested practices and felt a real shift taking place in my mind. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding. I was able to see what sort of mess I was in and how to go about cleaning out all the mental and emotional baggage I've been carrying around. This is one of those books that really make a difference. - A reader from New York City - 9/22/2002


A wonderful treasure house of spiritual thought, quotations, information and practical advice, beautifully presented and organized with amazing clarity and great breadth of knowledge. A growth experience for all of us seeking the next step on our soul's path to enlightenment. Brava! for this newest opus from the author of "An Artist's Book of Inspiration - A Collection of Thoughts on Art, Artists and Creativity", another rewarding book. - Ted Knerr, NYC - 9/17/2002


If there has been a voice deep within you, suggesting that there may be a genuine alternative to the quick and easy road to enlightenment, grace and lasting peace.... then this is an excellent place to start. And finish. It's all here. This is one of those rare books one can return to at any point on the Path and find refreshing inspiration. On page 83, the first sentence of the Chapter's Introduction reads: "One of the great joys on the spiritual quest is finding a voice that speaks directly to our innermost being in familiar tones." This book does just that. It is dedicated to The One and from The One it sprang. Read it and find yourself gently guided back to our true Home, the here and now of Life, Light and Love. - Barry Mack, Portland OR - 1/21/2003


Thank you for writing Being, Consciousness, Bliss...for offering such a wise, clear expression of what is. Every page unfolded in my being...restoring, reconnecting, resonating... I recognize that voice. I have been immersed in reintegrating this voice and I am grateful to you for helping me remember. With love and light, Karen Sella - 7/5/2007


Fitzgerald serves as your personal tour guide on your own journey. She has done her homework and makes the trip much easier for you. She exposes you to a library of information for you to ponder and has extracted the essence. You need not read it from cover to cover to experience the medley of inspirations. - Barbara Miller -  7/7/09


Your book, Being Consciousness Bliss has provided me with so much wisdom over the past few weeks. With three children, several animals, and the beginnings of a business, it is a bit crazy in these parts and there are times when I feel like I am going to fall right off the earth. Well, last month, I walked into my bedroom and someone had pulled your book out of the book shelf and there it was, propped up and resting on the floor. I picked it up, opened it, and read a passage so pertinent to my life at that moment that I was instantly awakened and thankful. I then began divining for wisdom -- asking questions to the book or asking for help, and I would open your book and find a new way to look at my situation that would inevitably help me in some way. I have also been reading your writings and suggested exercises and attempting to practice them as well. So, thank you! – Alison Abbruzzi - October 2008


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